Our Pricing

At Aurora our aim has always been to provide the highest level of care at an affordable, transparent and fair price. We do not believe in the approach of short-term offers or subscription schemes to tempt clients in to the practice, but instead aim to maintain consistently high standards and competitive pricing across all of the medical & surgical services, medications and products we provide, with regular appraisal to ensure we continue to do so.

A visit to the vets can be an anxious time without the concern of an unexpectedly large bill. From medications to surgery, we will always be happy to discuss the finances involved and give detailed estimates of potential costs.

We understand that not everyone will be able to afford significant veterinary costs. We will always be prepared to adapt our diagnostic and treatment approach to accommodate owners of all budgets.

If you would like to discuss the costs involved in any of our services, products or medications please contact the practice on: 01224 716848.


Consult 1£42.00
Small Pet Consult£27.88
Consult 20 Mins£54.04



Cat booster (tricat)£49.67
Cat booster (inc FeLV)£64.33
Kitten primary course (tricat£60.78

Kitten primary course (inc FeLV)
(two injections 3-4 weeks apart)




Dog booster£61.03
Kennel cough vaccine£51.54
Kennel cough vaccine (at same time as booster)£30.46
Puppy primary course (2 vacs)£83.88

Puppy primary course
(3 vacs)




Rabbit Myxomatosis & RHD£66.32     




Cat spey                                          £168.00

Cat castrate




Bitch spey (0-10kg)                                          £396.22
Bitch spey (10-20kg)                                          £427.26
Bitch spey (20-30kg)                                          £458.29
Bitch spey (30-40kg)                                          £520.40
Bitch spey (40-50kg)                                          £550.22

Bitch spey (50kg+)




Dog castrate (0-10kg)                                          £252.74
Dog castrate (10-20kg)                                          £284.41
Dog castrate (20-30kg)                                          £316.72
Dog castrate (30-40kg)                                          £349.01
Dog castrate (40-50kg)                                          £380.04

Dog castrate (50kg+)




Rabbit spey                                          £169.74

Rabbit castrate




Guinea Pig castrate




Ferret Castrate                                          £170.40
Ferret Spey                                          £181.20
Microchip                                          £30.60


Prices are all inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Please call us if you require any further prices or advice on treatments or operations