If you are reading this the chances are you are either a regular at Aurora or thinking about coming to see us, so we thought we would take the opportunity to use our first blog as a chance to introduce the practice in a little more detail and tell you about what we do. In the future, we hope to use our blog to share our wider views on current veterinary topics, introduce you to some of our patients and keep you up to date with developments and news relating to our practice.

Aurora Veterinary Clinic was established back in 2006 by one of our current partners Andrew Stalker. Over the years the practice has grown considerably and we now have 6 veterinary surgeons (Andrew,   Hannah, Katie, Kerry, Kevin and Sarah), 5 veterinary nurses (Christina, Pauline, Rachel, Sinead and Karen) and 2 receptionists (Marcia and Jaclyn). The practice is now run as a partnership between Andrew and Kevin, and is entirely independent which means the practice is owned and ran by the vets that are working at Aurora every day.

Our practice is a small animal veterinary clinic - this means our vets and nurses are focused on treating pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits along with the occasional small furry, feathered or scaly individual. We are located in the Bucksburn area of Aberdeen but have pets and their owners that come to see us from all over the city and Aberdeenshire. All of our vets and nurses have the experience to deal with an extensive range of medical and surgical cases. A typical weekday at Aurora is likely to have at least a couple of vets and a nurse busy consulting all day – these are the members of the clinical team you are likely to meet when you come into the practice with either a sick pet, or for routine visits such as booster vaccinations. Our surgical team also operates daily, handing a varied surgical and investigative caseload from routine neutering through to more complex surgical and emergency procedures.

Many of our pets and clients have their favourite members of the clinical team; this is often the individual vet or nurse that becomes the owner’s first point of contact at the practice. However, at Aurora we always encourage our staff to work closely as a team, sharing experience and support between team members to ensure a consistent level of care for our patients.


As mentioned earlier, we aim to use this blog to discuss and share our views on a variety of current veterinary topics - we hope you find it useful. Our first blog relates to airway disease in brachycephalic dog breeds, an issue which has really made its way to the forefront in the last few years due to the explosion in popularity of these types of breeds. If you have questions regarding anything we have covered in our blog or you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see discussed in our blog posts, please feel free to contact us at the practice via enquiries@auroravet.co.uk.